Sathar Al Karan
Sathar Al Karan

20 years in the Middle East as a growth partner for global organisations. 20 years of learning from being a German photography product expert to strategic advisor to media houses. Represents select Royal private offices as an investment advisor and strategic advisor. Like Art, Living and Networking. His vision is to provide the best, top-of-the-line quality and competent business support services to have full access and existence in the region. He is not heading just another league of proficient consultants. His ideas and approaches of working are sure to transcend the way you can do business in the region. This is because he comes equipped with stances of divergent intelligence and a first-hand experience of the region. It would be apt to say that he offers not just consultancy and investments but a verve that sure is empowering and a class apart. His professional service organisation provides expert assistance to help companies from all over the world in to the Middle East. The exceptional efforts of our management and team, combined with the team work of professional and skilled personnel enabled him to provide you the best business support setup.

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