Fashion took a course on femininity.

Sexuality again in trend !

It’s time to say “goodbye” for sneakers and sweatshirts.

You’d be surprised, but exactly the same recommendations in the new season gives us and Ricardo Tisci of Givenchy – one of the most influential designer of the decade, which has the reputation of “how to say, so be it.” “I feel – he says – that today more than ever women are willing to look sexy!” Note: we hear it from the person, through which recent seasons wore cocktail dresses with sneakers and dress up in a sweatshirts with Rottweiler, even for events with a dress code black tie! But no, you heard right: coming back into fashion of femininity and sexuality.

Why now? We’ve all Been struggling with femininity that badly missed her! It’s time to go back to basics and to dress to look beautiful! And, thanks to the spring-summer collections, easily executable. In the new season, designers offer three feminine image – and three reference beauties for inspiration and imitation.

First – Jane Birkin, young and desperate. In order to become like her, you need boots with lacing – in all its glory this shoe model may be considered in the photo of the Jane late 1960 or Antonioni film “Blow” and find the right fit – in a new collection of Givenchy. Wear these with lace mini dress and corset from the collections of Saint Laurent Paris and Tom Ford, and even a midi dresses of silk jersey with slits on the shoulders and hem, like Stella McCartney and Céline.

Next beautiful – elegant Mary Poppins performed by Julie Andrews. In the opinion of Michael Kors, Jason Wu, Balenciaga and Burberry, the main sex symbol spring of this year – just a governess-magician who wears skirts to mid-calf, emphasizing the waist silk trench coats, dresses, wallets, pointy ballerinas and looks in all of this as a matter perfection is beyond praise.

Finally, Julia Roberts in the movie “Pretty Woman” in 1990 issue, walks on Sunset Boulevard in a mini-skirt and patent leather boots. Or – if you are confused heroine profession – be guided by the top models from photographs of Helmut Newton: these are girls – in boots and transparent tights, mikromini skirts and visible realization of their own sexuality – took to the podium Dsquared².

Inspired? I’m sure, – yes! It remains to decide which of these images to start your way.

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