Diamond Silk: a new collection of jewelry Soie Dior

Victoire de Castellane routine immortalized Dior couture atelier in gold and diamonds.

Each spokesman says the new Dior jewelry houses with the same aspiration and enthusiasm: “Imagine, it actually played with silk ribbon!” She – a Victoire de Castellane, the first and permanent since 1998 creative director of Dior Joaillerie, artist-jeweler, for the imagination that if there are no barriers. Especially when it comes to fine jewelry.

All 17 years of “government” Victoire, Queen of jewelry and outrageous rebellion, precious creations Dior disagreed with the stigma of caskets even such conservative customers like crowned heads. However, the last few seasons, it rests on a fantasy alien orchards and rose gardens Norman on the sidelines of the studio on the Avenue Montaigne. For the second consecutive collection of Victoire de Castellane draws inspiration from the process of creating couture collections – Quintessence Heritage Christian Dior.

The new collection, called Soie Dior, gold echoes silk ribbon – a mandatory attribute or part of the reference couture dresses “by Dior.” In the course of the game with a ribbon, creating a refined chaos of waves and folds, Victoire de Castellane sees the beauty of freedom of form. Philosophy of the collection is well reflected in its name: the word silk, soie – Phonetic double appeal be sois. What does it mean to be “Dior» – trust in how the tape will fall?

Why no? Let the motion of a thin strip of silk give Victoire de Castellane – so she will make sure that everything was beautiful. Make sure it is easy: the theme of the tape can be seen in each of the ornaments (of the collection includes four dozen), at the first sight that can be seen in the thousands of hours of work (to decorate forms pavé of precious stones of different caliber – top jewelry aerobatics) and hundreds of thousands of euros (quality semi-precious stones and burning in each face).

Ruffles and pleats, flounces and wrinkles – all those methods by which half a century ago, and is now at number 30 on the Avenue Montaigne are created and hems of dresses magic Dior, reborn in this year’s 18k gold. At the behest of Victoire de Castellane their studded with diamonds, emeralds and sapphires colored, reduced in the frame for the large stones, locked in fancy rings and bracelets. Exquisite silk gloss reborn in the cold outbreaks diamonds and crashed on biting and bright spark to keep the memory of the movement, gave the tape life. Christian Dior would have been delighted.

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