Jean-Georges Vongerichten – “Infant terrible of” French cuisine

Stunning new opening of the new restaurant of Jean George Vongerichten in Dubai in the wonderful Four Seasons Hotel in Jumeirah.

Having been born and spent his childhood outskirts of Strasbourg in Alsace, Jean-Georges recalls his first impressions of the food related to early childhood. HouseVongerichten was very large and each day the mother and grandmother of Jean-Georges cook dinner for almost 50 employees of the family business. I wake up every morning and feel the most wonderful aroma, recalls Jean-Georges, and I quickly became the chief taster in a family, trying each sauce and dish, recommending where to add more spices. And where – salt. On the 16th birthday of his parents brought him to the three-star Michelin restaurant. This visit has determined its destiny as a cook. He began working with the chief field Haeberlin, then worked with the very Bocuse, From 1980 to 1985 he participated in the opening of 10 restaurants around the world, including Singapore and Hong Kong.

The world-famous thanks to its innovative and progressive cuisine, Jean-Georges Vongerichten and has long been a leading chef in the United States. Called by critics, genius, unrivalled and revolutionary – “Infant terrible of” contemporary French cuisine, he constantly sets new culinary standards and contributes to the formation of the modern culinary world of school.

In 1986, Jean-Georges Vongerichten burst on the scene of restaurant life in New York, appearing in the restaurant “Lafayette” in the Drake Hotel Suisse, giving guests a dazzling dishes in their own innovative interpretation of classic French cuisine. He earned his four stars from the “New York Times” at the age of 29 years. In 1991 he opened his own charming bistro called “Yo Yo”.

The restaurant “Yo Yo”, he introduced the world to a new concept of culinary art, whose flavours and textures created by abandoning the traditional aromas and flavours of meat dishes. Instead of meat on the menu replete with vegetable dishes, fruit essences, light broths and herbal vinaigrettes. Jo Jo was named “Best New Restaurant of the Year” well-known restaurant critic John Mariani of Esquire and earned three stars from The New York Times, which succinctly assessed his modern French cuisine in the following way: “From his dishes took my breath away.”

In his next restaurant, “Wong”, he paid tribute to the flavours and spices of the East, a passion which he developed during the three-year journey through Asia. With more than 150 different herbs and spices to create its unique menu, which was inspired by Thai cuisine, he quickly won the admiration of the guests and one-star review in The New York Times, describing the restaurant as “an explosion of flavours of products.” In the adjacent room to the restaurant, “Wong”Vongerichten also opened a stylish cafe “Lipstick,” which offered business audience Midtown breakfast and lunch in a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere.

Eighteen months later, in late November 1995, he opened a second Vongerichten “Wong” in the area of the Knights Bridge in London. In September 1997, he opened the “Wong” in “Mandarin Oriental Hotel” in Hong Kong, where it has already received high praise from the local media. The fourth “Wong” was opened in April 1999 in Chicago.

In March 1997, Jean-Georges opened restaurant “Jean Georges” in “TramP International Hotel and Tower” and earned a 4-star review of “The New York Times” in less than three months after opening. The restaurant was also awarded the title of “most wanted Chef of the Year” by John Marian of “Esquire.”

His project in New York (July 1998) – restaurant “Mercer” in the hotel “Mercer”, where guests can participate in the cooking process.

Jean-Georges arrived in the United States in 1985 and opened a restaurant “Lafayette” in Boston. A year later, he came to New York to take over as chef at the restaurant “Lafayette” is already there.

His restaurant in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, Las Vegas, Washington DC, Vancouver, Shanghai, Paris, Mexico City, Doha, London and now in Dubai elsewhere, began with the celebration of sixteen Jean-Georges in three-star Michelin restaurant.

Jean-Georges has 12 stars, “The New York Times” that simply unprecedented in America. He is the author of several books, a frequent participant in cooking shows and radio programs.

Who would have thought, that his restaurants in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, Las Vegas, Washington DC, Vancouver, Shanghai, Paris, Mexico City, Doha, London, elsewhere around the world  and now freshly opened “JG” in Dubai, began with the celebration of sixteen Jean-Georges in three-star Michelin restaurant.

Style: canons of French cuisine with Asian recipes and American approach.

Vongerichten chip – the traditional flavours and a special approach to the dishes based on light broths, vegetable and fruit juices and plenty of herbal seasonings.

A curious fact: the legendary dessert «Fondant au chocolat», probably, really inventedVongerichten. And while French chefs challenged the primacy of “melt in your mouth chocolate cake,” Jean-Georges says that he first discovered the secret of “undercooked with raw chocolate biscuit midway.”

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