What Oscar de la Renta can teach us

The favorite designer of the first lady of the United States, the protagonist of red carpet, a man glorifying flowers and feminine beauty, Oscar de la Renta was a talented designer, a wise businessman and the epitome of elegance. Recall its main principles of life.

Do not be afraid to change the dream

In his youth, Oscar, who dreamed of becoming an artist, he studied at the Madrid Academy of Arts and earned an illustrator for fashion magazines and local establishments. His drawings are so loved wife of the American ambassador, she ordered him to design prom dress for her daughter Beatrice. The dress came up to the best that is in him she was photographed for the cover of Life.

Oscar fashion talent was obvious, and the young man to make every effort in this area, he began to paint for Spanish fashion houses and was hired by Cristobal Balenciaga. Soon he moved at Lanvin and moved to Paris.

Listen to smart people

De la Renta has achieved much in Europe but where great strides were waiting for him in the US, where he first tried his hand as a couture fashion designer at work at Elizabeth Arden, there founded his own brand, which has now become a multi-million dollar empire. It began a triumphal procession in 1963, when the main Vogue editor Diana Vreeland advised the designer to try his hand in New York.

Do not follow fashion

The phrase “fashion victim” belongs to Oscar. He did not like to come up with theme collections to think about the trends and popular trends. He himself said that creates a “beautiful things for a year,” and insisted that the choice should be starting from his own style. Because the people blindly buy up “all the most fashionable,” he jokingly nicknamed victims.

Remember your roots

In 1982, De la Renta returned to his native Dominican Republic to establish a center of assistance to needy children Hogar del Niño. Through the center of the wall each day passes more than a thousand children who get it psychological assistance and free education.

Give people a second chance

In 2013, De la Renta was the first who gave a helping hand to the disgraced John Galliano – invited him to work temporarily in his fashion house and gave the studio to work.

Galliano has created for Oscar de la Renta is only one collection. Suzy Menkes suggested that the reason for it – the deliberate negligence, became “chip” of the season. “I’ve never seen that Oscar and his collection looked sloppy. So, perhaps, Galliano did not work the Oscar de la Renta”.

Look ahead

Oscar de la Renta – family business. Oscar himself appointed his son and daughter on the position in the company, they also continued his work after the death of the designer. Moreover, to ensure the future of his fashion house, de la Renta began searching for a new creative director of the brand as soon as he learned about his diagnosis. So he chose Peter Copping, which this year presented two collections, and recently revealed the first advertising campaign for the brand.

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