La D de Dior – new variation of the iconic precious watches.

Yellow and pink diamonds, opals sections, voile pave – and everything sparkles!

The latest collection of fine jewelry Dior does not have a favorite gem Victoire de Castellane – opal. He obviously does not fit into the strict precious luxury frills and cold brilliance. But in jewelry watches this time just three unique watches La D de Dior have Opal saw cut on the dial. Varieties gem of pink, blue and blue-green shades were played with jewels to match on the bezel and bracelet.

The other two models with voile to pave diamond dial echo the color moods Soie Dior – in addition to the colorless stones used in the design of clock placer “canaries” and tenderly pink hue morganite diamonds, which beat the gold in tone. Recall that the price per carat yellow diamond is colorless exceeds that in three or four times; rose from the average difference is even greater. To put it mildly, luxurious new items this year Dior, even apart from the legends of the House and to think of market categories.

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