The absolute glamor of the late 70’s in the new collection Maison Bohemique

Lauren Hutton, Diana Ross, Jacqueline Bisset, Marisa Berenson inspired the designers of the Russian brand evening wear.

A new collection of designer Maison Bohemique, who still prefer to be discreet, as a famous poem called Bloc – “12”. But the common points with the Russian literature end: the team marks relied on the masterpieces of American cinema late seventies – early eighties. Images of the luxurious Lauren Hutton of “American Gigolo” and Diana Ross in “Mahogany” were the primary sources of luxury fur coats from natural shades, tweed suits with exaggerated buttons and lace to the floor, deserving the most brilliant receptions.

But how, on what Maison Bohemique made his name, the designers have not forgotten: in the collection, there are intricate hand-embroidered with metal threads, and cocktail mini dresses of velvet. Speaking of nice innovations, the Russian brand portfolio were knitted cardigans and hats and very beautiful transparent lace tops, are particularly impressive look at the naked body.

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