Two-tone Chanel shoes

“They – the top elegance” – said Gabrielle Chanel (and was right).

At the word “elegance” comes to mind Gabrielle Chanel, the word Chanel – tweed suit, little black dress, and of course, two-tone shoes. Famous model it created in 1957 and gladly wear myself. Pumps Slingback later became the progenitors of ballet shoes, high heels, sneakers and even espadrilles, aged in legendary colors. No matter what the season, the year or even the century belonged either one or another variation, they will inevitably have bright colors and has a characteristic dark round face. Chanel gave the perfect combination, considering that lengthens the leg beige and black socks visually makes the size of the foot is much less. This formula really works. Shoes instantly acquired incredible popularity: they were worn by Catherine Deneuve, Romy Schneider, Brigitte Bardot, Delphine Seyrig, Jane Fonda and Jeanne Moreau, and now are Tilda Swinton, Vanessa Paradis, Alexa Chung, Miroslava Duma and the other ladies.

“They – the top elegance” – said Chanel. These shoes are impeccable both appearance and function. Heel five centimeters does not cause any inconvenience, and versatile colors. “We leave in the morning in a beige and black, dinner in beige and black evening cocktail and visit we can in beige and black. From morning to night you are ready for anything! “- Told Gabrielle Chanel about her shoe hit, which symbolized quite different than at the beginning of the twentieth century, the approach to lifestyle – now the ball is ruled comfort and utility.

Like almost all the religious creations of the designer, an idea borrowed from the model Slingback life. Such a model two-tone shoes existed in the XIX century, but then it was the men’s boots for sports, where a black leather cape served to protect the front of the shoe from rapid wear.

Are often in the company of men, model Coco noticed and decided to make it part of the female wardrobe. Embody the idea in life is to help the shoe master Raymond Massaro, and then they expanded the line to four, and several similar variations of color combinations. “Putting in a suitcase all four pairs of shoes, I can travel around the world”, – she said. Slingback is precisely the enduring classic. It is for this reason that Karl Lagerfeld returns to the canonical model again and again in the collections of different years, interpreting it for the sake of time.

The new season of the famous boat reappear in the wardrobe fashionistas, but this time the designer has not changed anything. What may prove even more clearly that fashion is cyclical? The model is exactly the same shape of his lifetime collection of shoes Gabrielle Chanel. Apparently, the best – really the enemy of good. And soon begin fashionista wearing shoes, a hair’s breadth repeating favorite shoes of the Mademoiselle Coco.

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