Four new fragrances from Montale

New Oriental, heady smell of noble perfume House.
The perfume house of Parfums Montale was founded by Pierre Montale in 2003 in Paris. Pierre Montale spent some time in Saudi Arabia prior to that, where he created perfumes for nobility, kings and queens. When he returned to Paris, the perfumer introduced his amazing oriental creations to the Western world. The mysterious East, Arabia and the perfumer’s love for them can be found in each bottle of the Montale collection.
This summer, his collection was replenished with another four: Aoud Lavender, Honey Aoud, Orange Flowers and gentle Aoud Sense.
“Lavender Aoud’ – fragrance for sophisticated and elegant women. Opens composition silky, soft lavender. In combination with its highly cool expression becomes hot Guatemalan cardamom, saffron bitter and passionate black pepper. The composition is enhanced Lao precious oud and Moroccan cedar. Delicate amber chords, tart and audacious blend of sandalwood in the eastern Lavender Aoud c inviting white musk. A trail of flavor made fresh bergamot and lemon.
Orange Flowers – a citrus fruit plantation in Italy, filled with the bright light of the morning sun. sonorous and juicy notes of Sicilian lemon, mandarin and peppermint will awaken an appetite for life and gives a sunny mood, even on a cloudy day. They combine chords spices: nutmeg, cloves, cumin. The sweetness of ylang ylang, jasmine and vanilla blends in with the thick velvety honey notes. A special richness hedonic odor give patchouli, cedar and white musk, jasmine and honey.
Before appealing honey aroma Honey Aoud irresistible. The spicy smell of leather is surrounded by subtle notes of patchouli and fragrant flowers. Special piquancy imparts flavor Ceylon cinnamon and precious Laotian beats, rich amber and vanilla notes reveal and amplify it. This is clearly a delicate scent is not for those who go to after you, and for those who have kissed.
Equally enticing was by the perfumer and Sense Aoud. The fragrance is dedicated to the triumph of feeling over cold reason. Juicy tangerines and oranges from Calabria, spicy cloves and a spicy black pepper sharpen and reveal each other to the fullest. An exciting trio of bergamot, oak moss and vetiver charming it suddenly goes well with rose, oud and sandalwood notes.
Each of the flavors presented in volumes of 50 ml and 100 ml. Price: 400 – 1200 AED. Purchase them can be on website

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