Fashion Certificate Ceremony

Thursday April 28th 2016 in the American University of Emirates (AUE) it’s been held the ceremony of the certification for the student that participated helping in the backstage to the last edition of the Arab Fashion Week in Dubai at St. Regis.

The CEO and President of the American University in the Emirates (AUE) Prof. Muthanna G. Abdul Razzaq, Ph.D Together with Dr. Manuel Perrotta the Owner of International Fashion Network (I.F.N.), CEO of Dubai Fashion Tv and co CFO of Arab Fashion Council partnered up during the last edition of the Arab Fashion Week to seal a true synergy between the academic world and the experience on the real job field of Fashion and Lifestyle Industries.

Manuel Perrotta e Muthanna G. Abdul Razzaq
dr. Manuel Perrotta e Prof. Muthanna G. Abdul Razzaq

A due act said Manuel Perrotta to give the students an overview of what does it happen in to the real world of fashion and to put in practice what you study on your books and laboratory. A true experience where the students will be able to understand from their own perspective how does it feel to work on stage.

At the ceremony there were present: Prof. Muthanna G. Abdul Razzaq – CEO and President of the AUE, Manuel Perrotta – Owner of I.F.N., Ceo of DFTV and CFO of Arab Fashion Council, Mr. Jacob Abrian – CEO of Arab Fashion Council, Prof. Arafat Al Naim – Dean of The College Of Fine Arts and Design and Ms. Sara Etemadifar ex alumni of The College Of Fine Arts and Design that acted as trade union for the institutions.

Mr. Jacob Abrian before the certificates ceremony presented an overview of the lineup for the next edition of Arab Fashion Week to be held in Dubai from October 6th. to 10th. that will host also for the first time the man collections.

The reportage live has been covered by Wassem Mandil for I.F.N.

Wassim Mandil Interview DFTV
Prof. Muthanna, Wassim Mandil, Interview DFTV adn AFC

A long lasting partnership between the parties is expected and as confirmation for the effort Prof. Muthanna assigned four full scholarships and two masters worth more than half million dirhams per each year to be assigned by a quality committee created by both International Fashion Network and Arab Fashion Council.

Different others initiatives are going to be disclosed in the near future that will find even more sealed the synergies between AFC, AUE and IFN aimed to accelerate the learning process and production of the new generations of students ready to conquer the scenes.

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