5 Step Motivational Morning.

Who enjoys early mornings? Definitely not me ! I have never been the morning person, ever since primary school. I was always the grumpy ogre in the back of class with my head flopped into my hands, not able to function before 11am.

Recently, being urged to wake up at 7 and 8 o’clock, I have had to work on perfecting my wake up call. For those fellow sleepers, here is my motivational guide to stop those morning grumps.

Up means Up.1

I’m sure we are all guilty of it, setting our alarms two or three times a morning with minutes apart to help us feel like we had a lie in? Yes, this is something I do on a regular basis, but up means up. Sleeping over your alarm will only make you feel more lazy and more difficult to drag yourself out of bed. As soon as that beautiful sound of singing birds and ringing clock chimes, up you get. Try to get outside and breathe fresh air into your lungs or stretch out a little just to wake up your body.


A good cup of tea fixes everything! Coming from an English country background this is what we truly believe, tea when your upset, tea when your tired, tea to wake you up and tea to have with friends. Green tea is a good wake up call, try to avoid milk as its very filling and can make you feel lousy.



                                                       Healthy Hearty Breakfast.

Without a good hearty start to the day, your brain usually takes longer to process information leaving you feeling tired longer. Breakfast ‘is’ the most important meal of the day after all. For my breakfast I have a scoop of muesli, dried cranberries and raisins with chopped banana and a topping of yoghurt. Delicious! Try to avoid anything too heavy on the stomach and if you aren’t a morning eater, make your portions smaller.



Tired eyes, dark circles and dull skin is not something we want to be flaunting in the office. It is very important that we wake up and hydrate our skin before the day begins, not only will we feel great but also look refreshed. I opt for a splash of cold water, Optrex eye bath to enhance the glisten in the eye and Dior hydration cream to give me a smooth finish. Dior skincare is a personal favourite of mine as it goes the extra mile to take care of your skin type.

                                                                     Make me up.

Personally as a girl, I feel that a touch of make up helps me feel radiant for the day. Applying makeup is like perfecting your beauty giving you confidence to meet the world. I don’t mean fake eyelashes, red lipstick and a heavy contour, if that’s not your style; head for a more plain jane natural beauty look, nude lip and a touch of mascara. Trust me, people notice when you make an effort.


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