The Unboring Manicure.



Life’s too short to have naked nails, and while we all obsess over the glitter and glam, I go back to basics. The french manicure; claimed to be invented back in Paris in the 70’s, was created for the fashionista’s. Some think that the word Frenchi only came about because it made it sound chic and fashion-like and in fact had nothing to do with Paris at all. Whatever its origin, we are still loving this effortless natural look and it is still a hit in the nail parlour!

We have come a long way in the beauty world over past decades and I think its something that should be celebrated, which is why I have put together my wall of fame nail trends for you to reminisce over. Enjoy!


The Frenchi – Neutral and classic. This natural beauty firmly sits itself at the top of my list of nail trends. I love elegance and minimal beauty so this is a perfect statement for me.


Ruby Red- Whether a juicy cherry or a deep mahogany, the red polish is still being used all around the world today. It can portray a deep mysterious mood or a young pop of colour which is why it staples its universal self into my wall of fame!

Pastel – Pastel colours are a reminder of spring, with subtle yellows and baby pink, but I often opt for a soft grey during the winter months too. If you are the kind of person that doesn’t like to attract too much attention with glitz and glam, pastel colours should make their way into your life.


Metallics- For you rock chicks out there, a strong bold look is perfect! Mirrored silver and foiled gold have hit the top trends! Rihanna inspired claws are still all the rage and we cant complain, they’re a conversation starter !


Glitter- A touch of sparkle, or a lot of sparkle! There are no limits, for me anyway. I have often ordered a full nail of gellish glitter whether for a christmas party or a week where I am feeling loud! I would definitely recommend the gellish glitter as it saves you getting in a mess and waiting hours for it to dry!


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