A day as a MAC muse


Loud, radical and quirky are just a few words used to describe this vivid cosmetics brand; introducing art into the beauty world, it can only be MAC.

Now, one of the leading makeup brands, MAC is stapling its trends on the streets, the runway and in all fashion houses, influenced by Picasso, Marilyn Monroe and many other historic artists.

I went ‘backstage’ as a muse to dig my nails into a training session and find out just HOW these artists work!

 First of all, MAC bases every look on a story, the story of the designer or of an artist and they go on to portray this emotion through their muse.

Trained by top international seniors, who have certainly earned their way to the top, I was able to meet artists that have been with the company since day 1.

 Here, i can give you a sneaky insight into the AW trends fresh from the MAC portfolio itself!



This A/W we explore how makeup is no longer only focusing on beauty but how to be creative. The weirder the idea the better ! As we carry the colours of summer with us into fall, we can start to experiment with pop art; think loud colours and bold outlines. Check out my art deco inspired makeup, created by the senior MAC artist!


What are you waiting for? Get creative !

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