Starter guide for the ‘newbies’!

Being the newbie in town can sometimes be quite daunting, especially having no friends, or even acquaintances at that! But being a Nomad can also have its perks!

Acquiring so much free time when I moved out here, I was able to get out and explore; being in the fashion industry I wanted to meet my fellow fashionista’s!

Although, having many other hobbies, I have a tendency to draw myself into fashion and beauty type environments and so, this article is pointers for my peers!

D3 is the place to be!

Dubai Design District is situated behind the Dubai Mall, with its quirky architecture you wont miss it!

Home to all creative thinkers, architects, fashion designers, modelling agencies, you name it ! This fashionable hub accommodates all in the industry.

As well as local and international fashion houses, placed around the district are many quirky cafes, health obsessed restaurants and coffee brewers!

Its definitely worth a look around on a sunny afternoon to feel inspired !


Harpers Bazaar Cafe –

Only at Harpers, it just feels great to be holding a menu from a leading international magazine and be sitting at one of the tables feeling like Kate Moss. Not only is this fashionista restaurant stylish but the food is fantastic ! I opted for a naughty pancake stack with chocolate drizzle and coconut flakes, a mouth watering experience to say the least! Best of all, pick up one of the latest Harpers Bazaar Issues from the shelf and get lost in a world of fashion, gossip and all things chic! Check me out, modelling my Harpers Menu!


Visit the Souk!

I am a huge lover of textiles, stones, gems , you name it! Anything creative calls my name and I love to explore, that is why the Souk near Dubai Creek is the place to be. Getting lost within the alleys of textiles and colour, souvenirs and ‘bits and bobs’, theres no better way to spend an afternoon out!

The kind indian men that work the stalls   And shop houses allow you to haggle with them for ‘best prices’, which can quite often be fun.

Take a short boat ride across the creek and visit the gold souk, a dream for all jewellery lovers, this is the real way to experience the old town of Dubai.

I snapped this stunning photograph inside one of the textile stalls, full of colour and imagination!

The Dubai Mall-

Of course, the largest standing Shopping Mall in the world. The Dubai mall took me quite a few days to finish the full tour, but very satisfying ! Lined with all international stores as well as individual local stalls, this really is a shopaholic’s heaven.

Visit the Fashion Avenue for all top brands such as Gucci and Ferragamo, or take a peep around at the local stores to find glamorous abaya’s and hand crafted accessories.

The Dubai Mall is a haven for all, so leave your husbands at the ski slopes and go and dive into this mansion of style!

Well, I hope my starter guide has pointed you in the right direction. Don’t forget the most important thing, make friends! Friends will make your experience in a new town truly great, even if you have different interests, this country is bursting with character and enthusiasm, so get stuck in!



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