With the outstretched variety of beauty products that we encounter in order to find what individually suits us nowadays, I welcome the DIY trend with my arms – and my kitchen pantry – wide open. Here’s why you should jump on the bandwagon: By preparing DIYs you know exactly what theiman1 product contains and you can ensure that it remains free of fragrances, emulsifiers or preservatives that can potentially cause irritation. Your skin will literally savour and soak in all the natural goodness that generations before us have depended upon for beauty remedies. Below I divulge the good old grandma recipes from head to toe (pun intended):

Hair Care- Instead of using a harsh paraben-burdened shampoo, try using this luscious combination of elements to clean your hair and scalp in a natural way. For this you will need one egg, two timan2easpoons of honey, two teaspoons of olive oil and half a lemon. Simply mix those ingredients and massage them into your scalp. Spread the foamless mixture throughout your hair and let it sit for a little bit before washing it off thoroughly. Tip: A touch of black seed oil will coax split ends back into its crowning glory.

Face- Chemicals and preservatives are the biggest criminals when it comes to delicate skin. The magic ingredient here is green tea. Mix two teaspoons with half a glass of water and apply to the concerned area. Let its antioxidant properties gently soothe your skin for about ten minutes before your pat it clean with lukewarm water. Green tea also operates as an antibacterial treatment and is great for reviving fatigued skin.

Elbows- Yes, you read that right. Often neglected, this is a precious part of our physique that can become visibly strained and dry. Cut a lemon in half and rub your elbow into it for about 15 minutes. The high concentration of fruit acid in the lemon resolves callused skin. Then gently pat your elbow dry before buttering it with a generous slob of Vaseline to perfectly imbue the skin with plump moisture.

Feet – A footbath is always nice, especially to kick off a relaxing weekend. A rosemary footbathiman3 does not only do that but the multi-purpose herb also boosts your circulation. After five to ten minutes, softly tap your feet dry- and do not forget the tender part between your toes. Complete your soothing experience by caressing your feet with almond oil.



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