All chocked-up!

If there was one fashion item to be highlighted for the year of 2016 it would definitely be the choker. Celebrities, teenagers and adult women; everybody embraces the little piece of mode around their necks. It is easy yet bolt and it decorates an entire outfit with little effort. Chokers insinuate a slimmer and longer neck, which lifts the appearance of the posture.

There are all kinds of choker-varieties; therefore I will present to you my personal favorites:


The simple black velvet choker– It suits every casual outfit and gives it a statement of being fierce and fearless. The black velvet choker is unforced yet edgy, perfect for a relaxed shopping day or a laid-back movie night.


The Scallop Black Lace Choker– It generates the same attributes as the black velvet choker, however at a more feminine and sophisticated angle. It goes well with a cozy denim outfit and also harmonizes with a quotidian dress.


The jewelry choker– This choker comes in all varieties of jewelry; from diamonds to pearls or other exclusive stones. It is an eye-catcher that would go with a cocktail dress or, depending on the choker, an evening gown.

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