AAVVA Fashion Recipe

In order to have a successful fashion recipe, take a tablespoon of Middle Eastern couture with a pinch of Western flair. Add a cup of Latino flavor on top and let that simmer over the low heat of Dubai. Sounds mouthwatering, doesn’t it?

AAVVA stands for that and more, thanks to the designer duo Ahmad Ammar and Vincenzo Visciglia. Ahmad is from Lebanon and Vincenzo is from Brazil with Italian descent, together they created AAVVA nestled in Dubai. AAVVA is a contemporary fashion brand that offers luxury yet fun daywear and eveningwear with a delicious highlight to a woman’s silhouette. The designer pair excels in encouraging women to wear outside of the box pieces with an astonishing effect.

Ahmad and Vincenzo hold a background in engineering and architecture, which makes them the ultimate fashion draftsmen that not only take ladies’ closets by storm, but soon the entire interior of the house through AAVVA home décor and I am looking forward to see what else is coming out within the AAVVA brand. AAVVA is available at Galeries Lafayette, Dubai with their home base in D3.
It is overall safe to say: AAVVA leaves me craving for more.


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