Uli Rapp- Artistic jewelry at its finest

If you are looking for bold yet chic jewelry; you are at the right address at Uli Rapp. Accessories in the form of earrings, brooches and striking necklaces are all to be discovered within her colorful selection.

My personal fascination lies admidst her expertise, since it is quite rare to find a jewelry designer that does not only hold a Master’s degree in jewelry design; but has also created their own patented method of applying medical plastic between textiles for their unique pieces, just like Uli Rapp did. Her items are light weight and soft through the carefully handmade fabrication, which is screen printed on the materials.

Her designs are eye catching with an antique hint. Her accessories radiate classic art, determination and courage for anyone who gets to wear those extraordinary pieces.

Uli Rapp’s jewelry exhibits a cosmopolitan diversity as well, since it is produced in Amsterdam, but found in all corners of the world. From galleries in Paris, Miami and Tokyo to our favorite sandy land of Dubai, everybody, no matter what the cultural background might be, can enjoy Uli Rapp’s inimitable pieces.


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