The beauty of Gafla

Gafla is the gem, pun intended, when it comes to exquisite jewelry that not only beautifies, but symbolizes some history at the same time. The inspirations behind the name for instance, are the nomad traders in the Middle East, since Gafla translated means ‘Caravan’. In support of the Dubai Design Week 2016, the Founders of Gafla have decided to extend their already available Bahar collection for all visitors and to their loyal customers. Well-matched to the collection’s name, which means ‘Sea’ in the Arabic language, Bahar consists of delicate pearls. To the founders of the brand, pearls exemplify the definition of beauty and design, since they originate directly from our fascinating mother nature that is capable of creating pure excellence. Dubai Design Week is also the perfect occasion for unveiling new pieces to their collection, given that Gafla was launched on last year’s Dubai Design Week.

Dubai Design Week 2016 starts on October 24th until October 29th, located in Dubai Design District. You can find the Gafla display in building number 7, which I highly recommend you to have a look at. If you will not be able to physically make it to their exhibit, you can view and purchase the unique Gafla items on their website


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