The woman behind Dubai Design District – Maitha Al Suwaidi

Here, at the Dubai Fashion TV Blog, we share what kind of fashion items are trendy at the moment and where you could find them, what hip events are coming up within the UAE and where it is nice to hang out at in Dubai. Now here is a different kind of a blog post, namely a portrait about an interesting person, especially for the city of Dubai. To me, it is always exciting to see women dominating at work and building a good reputation for themselves. Therefore, without no further ado, I would like to introduce to you: Maitha Al Suwaidi. She is the Director of Business Development for Dubai Design District, where she handles overall sales for d3, works with and attracts global luxury brands and collaborates with designers from the MENA region to give them a platform to express and share their passion, even if they have not have their big break through yet. Maitha Al Suwaidi manages, amongst other things, the departments of: business development, retail, operations, and marketing. To make it short: she is a one woman show and the boss at Dubai Design District, which is expanding and gaining popularity by the minute.
She is not only a person to look up to for creatives, but an incredible inspiration to women, and men actually, in general.
Maitha Al Suwaidi holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and is fluent in both Arabic and English. She commenced her career path as an English teacher and devoted herself to helping children with special needs.
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