The comeback of headpieces

One of the many beauties of living in a pluralistic place like Dubai is the diversity in fashion you get to experience. Amongst the biggest hits nowadays are, as far as fashion accessories are concerned, the extravagant headpieces you see Fashionistas wearing to occasions of every description. I am not simply talking about the elaborate hats that ladies wear to horse races; I mean fedoras, floppies, cloche hats and most importantly: turbans!
The sophistication of these bolt items is impeccable. Millinery radiate grace and an almost royal feel when you get to catch sight of someone flaunting one of those head pieces.
Since I am used to introducing trends here at the Dubai Fashion TV Blog, I will not be making an exception today. May I present to you someone who has beautiful head wear to offer: Yana Rajoub.
As named above, certain headpieces exude royalty and here is why Yana Rajoub personifies a good candidate for creating those items for you: she was trained by Rose Cory, who is the milliner of Queen Elizabeth.
Her brand is named Couture Hats by Yana Rajoub, where she masters the entire pallet you could possibly dress your head in, her pièce de résistance, however, are Turbans. Glamorously made out of silk, lace, cotton, satin or velour, she offers any Turban you could conceivably look for in a variety of colors. Her Turbans are not to just cover a bad hair day, but to make an ultimate fashion statement.
Yana Rajoub also offers Turbans for children, with bright colors and kid-friendly patterns that could possibly turn out to be a child’s new favorite item in their adorable wardrobe.



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