The trend of Physique 57


Most of us here in Dubai have a strong vision for their career and tend to overwork themselves. Therefore it is important to find that balance during time off. Something easy, hip and most importantly: fun! Here might be a concept that you were looking for; originated from New York City, a pulsating place just like our beautiful city of Dubai, Physique 57 finally reached UAE’s diverse city and has taken the Middle Eastern world of fitness by storm ever since.

Physique 57 is a barre-based workout combining cardio, strength training and stretching to achieve maximum results for shaping your body. They offer classes for beginners up to advanced degrees, no matter the body shape, and assuring you to see results after only eight workout sessions.


It is a modern way of feeling confidant and to establish a quotidian equilibrium.

Their beginner classes allow you to get comfortable with the barre and to learn fundamental movements and positions to absorb the effectiveness of their exercises.

The Signature classes require you to have been to the barre at least a couple of times, since you are able to tailor your needs according to your prior experiences. Recommended are about four Beginner classes before taking a Signature one, since it incorporates more cardio and is overall a bit more intense for any newcomers.

The most powerful of their courses is the ‘Amped Up’ class. This session demands a certain familiarization with the Physique 57 technique, so you are able to keep up with their cardio-inserted series and vivid ab sprints.

Sounds good to you? Physique is located twice in Dubai, in Citywalk and at Al Thanya Mall, if you decide to try a free class before potentially becoming hooked to this new fitness hype.

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