Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2015 in Dubai

Last May 21th. we were at Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2015 in Dubai at Ritz Carlton in Collaboration with I.F.N. and Fashion Tv UAE

Luxury Lifestyle Awards is an international Award granted to the companies in luxury segment for their initiatives and outstanding achievements. Companies and brands of luxury class participate in the contest in different categories.

The Award is won only by the best companies and brands of luxury class within the country this company or brand is represented in. Receiving the Award proves company’s exceptional nature in the eyes of professional community.

The Award is aimed at obtainment of impartial, independent, and large-scale evaluation of the companies. Participants are evaluated by expert jury which includes the first persons of the international companies in luxury segment, independent experts, business analysts, chief editors of target mass media.

Transparency of voting procedure is guaranteed by Official Award Advisor.

“The Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2015″


Luxury Lifestyle Awards is an international Award granted to companies in the luxury segment for their recognition and overall excellence


Luxury Lifestyle Partners

Official Award:

The official Award is the “Golden Crown”, which is the symbol of luxury and uniqueness inherent to this market segment. This “Golden Crown” is a piece of Art 24 carat gold it is made by craftsmen of Faraone Mennella for each winner.

Golden Crown

The Jury Board of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards consists of Chief Executives of the leading international luxury companies, renowned experts, consultants, business analysts, editors-in-chief.

The Jury is composed as:

“The Academy” – Each Academy member is selected for his/her global expert opinion, valuable practical experience on the international and local luxury market.

“Main Jury” – Main Jury is represented by the owners or Chief Executives of the nominated companies

Official Award Advisor:

Leading audit and consulting company PwC is an official advisor of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2015.

PwC provides audit services, services in the field of business consulting, taxation and law to the companies in different sectors. The services of PwC facilitate formation of public trust in customer companies and are aimed at increasing the cost of their business.

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