Portrait of Juliette Heijnen Dutch Designer



Juliette Heijnen was born in Roermond, in the Netherlands, and graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam in the year of 2014. Her fascination has always been the interaction of humans and the physical reaction that came with it. Through that passion, her fashion collections highlight the exploration of new silhouettes and interdisciplinary presentations.
Her collections are out of the box and very flashy. Her latest collection, the ELMO collection, also has an intriguing story behind it. Elmo, who is also known as Saint Elmo or Saint Erasmus of Formia, was a Christian saint and venerated as the patron saint of sailors. His eye is symbolized in her collection as a figure of protection. The fashion line ELMO portrays a fisherman style, with bolt colors for anyone who is ready to be seen.
The interesting aspect about Juliette Heijnen collections is that is not targeted towards only women or only men. ELMO has many male characters, but her collections before that are almost made for couples or unisex.
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