Saudi Designer Daneh Buahmad

Fashion designer Daneh Buahmad is one such woman. Her creations are a perfect representation of her free spirit, at once feminine and active, and all the while bridging the East and the West perfectly. If there is one word that describes Buahmad, whose line is quite simply called Daneh, it is grace. The Dhahran native does everything with a generous sprinkle of the stuff, from wearing her own line, to taking care of her son, from going to work, to going out. Is she the average Saudi woman? Well, the short answer is no. Buahmad is not an average woman anything, by any stretch of the imagination, but she is a great archetype of what modern Saudi women are like in the 21st century. She is not an anomaly, lets put it this way.

As the proud owner of a luxurious and at once super-wearable Daneh design, what I love most about Buahmad’s style is her understanding of what women want — actually what we require from our clothing. My white mid-length skirt and crop top combination with frayed edges are the perfect blend of versatility combined with comfort, glamour that’s understated but rich looking, and a style that doesn’t feel or appear too thought-over. It’s simple, it’s elegant, I know no one else will be wearing the exact same thing at a party or at dinner, and I feel like a glamorous woman wearing it. That’s the essence of fashion to me.

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