Nairobi, The New Milan

Kibera slum tailors compete with top couture brands as Ministry of Tomorrow debuts premier luxury vegan unisex bag collection

January 9, 2017- Los Angeles, CA, The Ministry of Tomorrow (MOT) announced today the debut of its premier luxury, vegan, unisex, bag collection.

MOT’s flagship production facility located in Nairobi, Kenya just outside of Kibera, Kenya’s largest slum, is Africa’s newest fashion house.

The company recruited highly skilled tailors who reside in Kibera and offered them fare wage jobs to work with high quality sustainable materials including; Italian and Japanese animal free leather, 100% certified organic and fair trade cotton from India and low impact dyes accepted for use with organic textiles.

After several years of perfecting design, production and eco-material sourcing, MOTs Nairobi factory produces luxury bags that are on par with Milan’s notables but with a new twist.

“We design and produce eco-luxury bags for a new audience of conscious consumers. Social, environmental and animal rights activism is at the core of our brand. Our bags are produced with respect for the earth and care for animals and the people who are involved at each step of the production” said Julian Prolman, founder and president of the Ministry of Tomorrow.

MOT launched its classic collection with four original designs that include; a portfolio, briefcase, cross-body and a backpack that are available in two elegant vegan black leather options. The bags are masterfully crafted with a minimalist exterior and a wild Afro-funk Maasai warrior mask pattern interior.

The new collection retails from $395 to $895 and can be purchased online directly from the company at

“We have a new story for the fashion world. This is more than fashion, it’s an awakening, a new way of doing business that empowers people and protects animals and the planet” said Prolman.

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