Paris Fashion Week – Fairy Tale Atmosphere Took Over at one of the most iconic Hotel of the World, the “Four Season George V in Paris”.

January 26th The oriental fairy tale atmosphere took over at one of the most iconic Hotel of the World, the “Four Season George V in Paris”.

International Fashion Network has been proud to be media partner of this amazing event with Amsterdam Fashion TV and Dubai Fashion TV, where more than five hundreds distinguished guests were intrigued for more than one hour between the foyer and the lavish setup of the Salon Vendôme ”. 

The Lavishing Atmosphere of the Oriental Fashion Show a created b y Hind Joudar brought the spotlights to some interesting designers. Particularly interesting was Nabila AlAisaoui of Naseem Alandalos from Kingdom of Bahrein with a collection inspired by ” Josephine ”  Napoleon’s wife where you could notice the attention in the embroidery works and color combination made with savoir fare and elegance. Other great collections were in the show from the designer: Hany El Behairy from Egypt, Menouba Couture from Algeria, Fatima Idrissi, Tammam Humariff from Dagestan Russian Federation and Lamya Lankassi.

During the show were present a lot of local celebrities as well as from the arab world like Hind Boumchamar presenter at MBC1 in Dubai and the french actress Elisa Bachir Bey 

International Fashion Network with both Amsterdam and Dubai Fashion Tv were present at the shows where we made a complete reportage of the event. Nadia Palesa, wearing “Naseem Alandalos” and Nicolas Gregorieff interviewed the designers, the organization and some of the distinguished crowd present at this event.

Enjoy the first reportage.

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