Products beauty trends in 2017: coal, sap, honey and jojoba 4 ingredients not to be missed

Ginger, turmeric, kale, marine collagen. If we spoke of the kitchen, also we would add the avocado: each period has its “magic” ingredients as much in beauty as in food. Now it seems to be the era of ginger. The next? For posterity will judge us even though we had fun at identifying ingredients 3 + 1 of which is impossible to do without, especially in the last period and this season.

It is coal-mania, not deny it: the darker ingredient that is in fact perfect properties especially for mixed-oily skin. It acts as a true magnet capturing and absorbing approximately 100-200 times more impurities compared to any other specific ingredient. Which then makes it perfect when you want to cleanse the skin very deeply. For this is mostly present in the facial masks but among the novelties of the season there are also daily cleaning and micellar water, so as to eliminate all impurities in the evening.

First of all it should be pointed out that in this case we speak of oil, different from most vegetable oils because it has a chemical composition similar to that of our sebum. For this it is a very present ingredient and to pick out the beauty. Who is it essential for? To those who have the skin but also the hair, dry. This oil is very nutritious so much so in fact that is present in creams and masks for both the face and for the hair that restores nourishment; not only that, it is also a key ingredient in anti-aging because, deeply nourishing the skin, it becomes more elastic and firm, thus eliminating wrinkles.

Nicknamed “the nectar of the gods” is no accident, it is good to remember the honey for its many properties that make it a true multi-tasking ingredient. In fact suitable for all skin types, a small percentage also to the acne because it helps to eliminate pimples, honey has the power to deeply hydrate and cleanse the body, especially the skin more dry, and also deeply nourish the hair less vital. Last but not least, it is an ingredient suitable for the packs to the hands. In short, it is certainly not the last scientific discovery but it is undoubtedly among the ingredient to have with them having regard to its many properties.

Unusual and innovative, it will be among the protagonists of the next Cosmoprof in Bologna 17 to 20 March, the sap has begun to replace the water in the Korean beauty. Ingredient 100% natural, the Korean company Maycoop will present for the first time in Europe a cosmetic line made from maple sap, rich in minerals because they absorbed from the soil and filtered by the plant itself. At the moment not much used ingredient, it will, however, should keep in mind for the future.

The first effective marine collagen was formulated in Europe in the 1980’s. The active protein is extracted in a unique non-heating process which protects the triple helix structure of the collagen. The active ingredients of  collagen tends to connecting with the collagen fibres contained naturally in our skin. With this ground-breaking process, stopping the skin ageing process has become possible!



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