Eyewear Trend for 2017 – MIDO IN MILANO

Friday February 24th

In the magnificent and masterfully organised in full Italian style “Sala Colonne” of the “Museum of Science and Technology” in Via San Vittore in Milan this morning there is been the presentation of the new edition of MIDO, the worldwide recognised eyewear reference event of the year.

Cirillo Marcolin president MIDO, Giovanni Vitaloni vice president MIDO, Michele Scannavino president ITA, Beppe Severgnini journalist, Lisa Hahnbuck blogger
Cirillo Marcolin president MIDO, Giovanni Vitaloni vice president MIDO, Michele Scannavino president ITA, Beppe Severgnini journalist, Lisa Hahnbuck blogger

After the reception in the stunning palace at the presence of the major world press delegates and under the moderation of the worldwide famous italian journalist Giuseppe Severgnini that opened the press conference with a multitude of historic referrals to the italian beauty and history that enchanted all the people listening to him in the “Sala Colonne”, the president of MIDO and ANFAO dr. Cirillo Marcolin opened the speach with the premise of the high economic risks and political instability which are tied in a chained series of event that still prevail in the global economic scenario.

Even if all this has had a significant impact on production and trade performance worldwide the category still recorded last year some growth even if minimal. Before the recession GDP increased by +3.2% a year and trade by +6.8%. Now in these times they are limited respectively to +2.4% and +1.8%.

Within the export market has been recorded the growth by +3.6% in the reference market: America +2.7; Europe +7.1%; Asia -1% and concerning the italian internal production has been recorded +2.2%.

Giovanni Vitaloni vice president of MIDO and ANFAO kept the line talking about the establishment and the growth of the MIDO fair itself with 130 new company 7 pavillions 150.000 mq. of exposition space and already 31.000 visitors pre-registred. The vice president mr. Vitaloni also announced the new initiative “MORE” that doubled up the space and will see the Hub academy hosting emergent companies with new proposal. In this pavillion there will be hosted also an exhibition of eyewear glasses from ‘900 up to today.

Of course there is a particular interst in developing the asiatic market and also an asiatic corner with asiatic delicacies will be present at the pavillion.

Mido also developed their own Mobile APP  to download where you will be able to obtain your ticket and navigate the exhibition.

Sponsor of the MIDO is the Italian Ministry of the Economic Development through ITA (ex ICE Italian Trade Agency) through its president Michele Scannavini.

ITA (ex ICE) promote the development of the Italian companies within the foreign countries and for this year there are 193.000.000 euro placed on the table to help the growth and development of the made in Italy within the foreign countries.

The panel was close by a German blogger Lisa Hahnbuck that spoke about the new trends by her point of view being triggered by the clever journalist moderator of the press conference Beppe Severgnini who made a point about the difference between real journalism and modern blogging.

We were present for you at the press conference and we are glad to show you the reportage and interviews we made.

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