Ambica – Handcrafted in the Diamond District of New York

Handcrafted in the Diamond District of New York, Ambica New York produces vivid and bold pieces of jewellery; each piece one of a kind. It can be seen in these unique pieces of jewellery that they are inspired by the world around us, the manmade and natural world. With such knowledge of the history of jewellery, it is evident that Ambica has executed a variety of techniques, styles and materials within her pieces that give them their own personality. Vivid hues of colours such as blues, greens and purples are present on each piece, using natural gemstones such as turquoise, sapphires and many more. All made with sterling silver and plated with gold for an added luxury, the structure helps tell a story just as the gemstone does.


As each piece is like no other, the buyers choice will be the best representation of them; their style, personality. Varying shapes, stones and extreme attention to detail will give the effortless effect of beauty in one of it’s natural forms. Some pieces make a daring statement, while others are represent a more subtle beauty. No matter what, each piece is a take on contemporary but with enigmatic features and a hint of culture.

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