Maison Samadi – London’s luxurious chocolate

Elegant, thoughtful, delicate; each word defining London’s luxurious chocolate brand, Maison Samadi. From a salted caramel truffle to white chocolate coated almonds, to even a red velvet delice, Maison Samadi’s chocolates have an individually crafted chocolate creation for any occasion.

Maison Samadi is a gift for a loved one, a weddings or a birthdays, or just any time to show someone that they care. The thoughtfulness of Maison Samadi comes from a family tradition as the brand was started by Maison’s great grandfather, Mehio Samadi, and the symbol of the name Samadi has been continued through the generations since. Although the brand has aged over the years, the range of chocolates takes the best of new and old worlds; classic flavours with a modern take.

The presentation of Maison Samadi’s chocolates add another layer to its luxury, the carefully decorated chocolates represent just how appetising the inside will be. When it comes to choosing which chocolates, the buyer has freedom to mix and match handmade chocolates to create a unique gift. There is a wide range of wrapping choices; pastels, bright tones and shimmering golds. To customise further, the buyer can choose between elegant decorations. Think glitter, bouquets and ribbon… All the ingredients for a creatively wrapped gift.

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