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As times change, so does technology and style, creating an ever emerging fashion industry and an opportunity of wonder for designers. MORA is a brand that has utilised modern technology and individuality to create a eyewear that is every bit in the now. With each pair of glasses unique to the personality of the user, there are 35 different types of materials to be chosen from.


The material of these eyewear is what gives them the edge, and differentiates them from your everyday pair of glasses. Each pair of glasses is made from marble, semi precious stone and titanium; there is a story of colours, lines and texture in each pair, meaning not one will be the same.


The advanced technology that goes behind this extraordinary eyewear takes thought, time and precision. It all starts with selecting the right stone slab – with little to no imperfections. The slab should represent all the most expressive parts of the mineral like the lines and textures. Powerful water jets cut through the first shapes of the material followed by careful protective treatment, all done by hand. Once this process is finished, the stone is carbon cut using a micro scalpel and bonded extremely delicately; this is when the frame of glasses takes it’s final shape. The frames are perfected by hand by stone technicians, polished and carbon coated to keep the eyewear’s structure and immaculate aesthetics.

The unique process and variety of materials of this eyewear not only makes it versatile, but makes a statement. To make a feminine, inspiriting statement, one could go for the violet amethyst stone in the Thalna model, a frame that is for the true diva. For a classic, versatile look, one might go for the diamond fall stone, a deep black with silver lines of pigmentation, in the Menvra model – contemporary frame yet classically cut. And if you’re feeling like a pair of glasses that tells people you are most definitely present, the rouge de vitrolles in the Uni model is perfect; big circled frames with a stone that depicts flowing spots of red bronze, pink hues and bold yellows.


Whatever you’re personality, statement or story is, MORA eyewear has something to fit you.

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