Naseem Alandalos from Bahrein

Arab fashion that combines traditional handwork and heritage with new wave trends and modern styles is a prime example of Naseem Alandaloos; a mother, daughter power duo who have created their own couture empire.


The duo consists of mother, Nabila Alaissaoui, and daughter, Haya Alfadhel, who both bring their different styles and skills to create the unique look that represents Naseem Alandalos. Together, they have created a new breed of Arab designs of luxurious caftans and evening dresses which show excellent attention to detail and an expressive way of representing traditional design work on fashion forward pieces.

Nabila is originally from Morocco and has always been passionate about fashion and design, especially when she moved to Bahrain. Nabila’s desire to wear the traditional Moroccan caftan inspired her to form a hybrid caftan, utilising her skills in garment construction and pursuing her career in fashion. Her daughter, Haya, assisted her mother with creative projects and being in this environment she was also inspired to an artistic lifestyle. This lead her to architecture but sure enough came back to her roots; fashion and design. With Nabila’s thorough knowledge of fashion design and romantic influence, and Haya’s creative vision influenced by architecture, they have truly created their very own genre of caftans and gowns.


It must be noted that this brand has made it’s way through the middle east in places such as Doha, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and Riyadh, and has even made appearances in London and Paris. Naseem Alandaloos has international recognition and continues to gain momentum. It is a brand to look out for, as Naseem Alandalos gowns leave a lasting impression on viewers.


The strive for perfection stands out on each piece. Each dress tells a romantic story that represents the past, present and future. Long flowing fabrics, handcrafted embellishments, line patterns and pure extravagance are all ingredients for this magical brand that is Naseem Alandalos.

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