Prael, the new glamorous luxurious skincare


For the past few decades, the way we look and our body image have never been so important. Our entire world is based on taking care of ourselves and seduction. In such cultures, the face is the first thing people judge us on. That is why looking young has become much more present on the TV and in stores. Many skincare products are sold worldwide with no specific representative features. However, there is a brand that stands out in being new, innovative and effective. This special brand is Prael. Being the world’s first marine collagen luxury skincare, the brand that’s products prevent the skin’s aging process has a very interesting story behind its creation.

A few centuries ago, in European cultures, the legend of the Fountain of Youth was created. People believed in fountains having special spring water which would guarantee you youth, happiness and the beginning of life. As the myths and legends spread across the world, Kings and world leaders became obsessed with finding this magical fountain. That is how Prael was born. Fascinated by the story, they started researching collagen and it’s benefits and ended up by finding a contemporary fountain of youth. 

In the 1980’s, they found the first effective marine collagen. The collagen ingredients of their products connect with the natural collagen fibres of our skin which stops the aging process.

From face cream, to high sun protection and even eyelash conditioner the multiple products of this brand are sufficient to please everyone. If wrinkles under your eyes are too present, or your hands are starting to look old, then Prael is exactly what you need. Present on Facebook and Instagram the brand really shows you how involved they are and can guarantee you the most luxurious skin you’ve always wished for.

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