Italia Independent – The Italian Exquisite Company

Italia Independent was launched in January 2007 and has since captivated a prominent position in the luxury eyewear market. In 2009, the brand opened its first showroom in Milan with sunglasses’ and clothing’s collections. Now, Italia Independent is such a reputable brand, that has gained international presence with more openings and debuts in numerous different markets.

The mission and philosophy of Italia Independent is largely described by its name, and the Italian Craftsmanship is the core moving force of the brand. Italia Independent follows a new philosophy- giving the ‘Made In Italy’ concept a new force. The Italian brand aims to mix tradition with innovation, and this can be seen through their versatile designs.

In fact, Italia Independent is the first sunglasses manufacturer to use carbon fibre for fashion purposes and the first to create sunglasses’ frames entirely made of carbon. In recent years, they utilized innovative technology such as thermosensitive fibre and microfiber linings, for which the company received an award from MIT Technology Review. The Italian scientific committee of the Italian edition of the magazine, led by Romano Prodi, recognized I-Thermic and UV Lux as cutting-edge treatments for eyewear. The former allows eyewear to change colour in high temperatures, while the latter gives glasses frames a velvety look

Italia Independent believe, that even though the company focuses on eyewear, there should still be a 360 degree effective from clothing, home décor, glasses and cars, and this is, in fact, what they do. Since its establishment, the brand has been so successful and attractive to customers, which led to several collaborations with some of the biggest companies and brands. These included separate collaborations with Adidas, Alfa Romeo, Hublot, Fiat 500, Puro, Vertu and many more.

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