XIP – Beauty perfectionism at it’s finest

Beauty perfectionism at it’s finest, XIP creates handmade beauty products that highlight a woman’s natural beauty whilst enhancing it using the highest quality ingredients. With the combination of aesthetics and functionality, it is no surprise this brand has emerged from the Dutch capital, Amsterdam. The brand instills it’s mission to deliver products that match a mood or style and uphold their quality standard like no other.


XIP’s research into professional beauty solutions has led the brand into developing these high tech yet elegant products in their laboratory. The brand’s line of products help the user to create that flawless finish, whether you need a quick lighten up under the eyes with their Pearl Breeze concealer, or a deepening glow for the evening with their 24 Karat Glow Blissful Bronzer. Other products include pink satin blush, sculpting creams and varying eyeshadows; all presented in the XIP signature white and gold packaging that oozes luxury.


By bridging the gap between make up professionals and the everyday consumer, the brand has differentiated itself from just any make up product. The use of the highest quality ingredients in their products, that can be used by anyone, and that XIP professionals teach their customers exactly how to use each product. This creates a whole experience for a XIP customer; gaining knowledge and expertise with the products they purchase.


The luxury and experience XIP have built with their brand indeed reflects their name; XIP “Xtremely Important Person” which is how they refer to their customers. XIP’s product solutions and effects aim to make the consumer feel like the “Xtremely Important Person” they are.

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