Spark Develops Unique Laser Light Headphones

Detroit, USA (21 April 2017) — After many months of design and development, Spark is approaching the launch of its first product. Delivering exceptional sound, the company’s fashionable headphones glow to the rhythm of its user’s music. Considering safety for runners during the night, the company invented Spark Headphones to offer a one-of-a-kind experience.

“We created Spark Headphones in order to give individuals a way to express themselves while also providing an extra safety feature for them,” said the founder of Spark. “Runners and walkers who are listening to music while exercising are unable to hear their surroundings. As a motorcyclist, I noticed that it is hard to spot people running on the streets, especially at night. This is how I got the idea to incorporate flashing LED lights within the design of headphones.”

Spark Headphone owners will be able to express their fashion sense through three different lighting settings. The headphones may be set to a glowing, flashing, or regular non-glow mode. The batteries of the unique fashionable headphones can provide a 5-hour non-stop glow before needing to be charged. After that, the headphones may be used traditionally without a glow.

The smart new headphones offer originality in concept and design. Made from luminescence wires, the headphones offer a gentle light with no radiation. Comfort and functionality were also considered in its design. Offering exceptional ear comfort, users will be able to listen to music pleasantly. Also, individuals will appreciate the convenient functionality of the product’s play wire, which includes a built-in HD microphone, to switch songs and make phone calls. Combined with reliable construction, Spark Headphones will last.

Spark Headphones plans to launch an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign soon in order to reach others for collaboration and raise funds for the manufacturing of the product. Visit to learn about the company’s revolutionary headphones, and its plans for rewards for supporters. 

About Spark Headphones:


Spark launches its first product in 2017: Spark Headphones. With great originality in design and materials, the company strives to deliver fashionable headphones, which offer an awesome experience. Interested individuals may learn more about the new company at

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