Hot Flow Yoga

Yoga may be over ten thousand years old, but the popularity, and most prominently, the benefits have not faded over time. Not only does this ancient tradition physically move your body in complex ways but it integrates emotional and mental well being. There are many styles of yoga, and one that has gained a lot of momentum is hot yoga; a unique style of yoga within a ‘little’ added heat.


Hot Flow Yoga is a special yoga studio situated in Amsterdam; what makes this studio special is the different method of heating used when practising yoga. A lot of yoga studios these days can feel overwhelmingly stuffy which can be discouraging for the students, but this studio utilises infrared heating panels, with temperatures around 35°C – 38°C. This type of heating panel heats the body from within, giving the student a more natural feeling heat, like the sun on their skin and with plenty of oxygen levels. Not only are infrared heating panels safer, cleaner, and more enjoyable, it promotes numerous health benefits. At Hot Flow Yoga, the heat allows physical advantages such as joint and muscle flexibility, allowing you to go deeper into the yoga positions and better posture. The added heat with the yoga aids the body in improving blood circulation and metabolism, and helps get rid of those nasty toxins.


While it is clear that hot yoga has enormous health benefits, teaching and the studio itself are just as important. Hot Yoga Flow has recruited a professional, passionate and experienced team to make the students feel motivated and inspired during class. Their teachers all have extensive experience in body training and some of them are former ballet dancers from Het Nationale Ballet; this practical knowledge means extra attention to body alignment which is crucial when practising yoga. Students have the opportunity to progress in hot yoga with the best posture ability they can achieve. Not only professional driven, Hot Yoga Flow’s studio is driven by their love for yoga and passion for wellness; an infectious vibe to work with when practising hot yoga.


Hot yoga can be a little bit daunting to some, but with so many health benefits, mentally and physically, as well as having some fun – you really have nothing to lose. Hot Yoga Flow’s studios in Amsterdam are equipped with everything a student needs to get started, even the mat and towel are included in the price (and of course, showers!). All you need to bring is yourself, and you’ll be leaving with a little more: a feeling of invigoration, and a little a less: a cleared spirit.

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