“With summer coming up, it is important to soak up the rays but only when protecting your skin! Prael’s Face Sunscreen is especially made for the face with it’s silky and non greasy texture. Containing G Block, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Sesamum Indicum Seed Oil & PA+++, you’re skin will not only feel and look amazing but be shielded from any harmful rays.”


“Dripping in youth. Dripping in Gold. Meet Prael’s Gold Volume Booster, a luxurious product to prevent and eliminate wrinkles. Using our famous active marine collagen paired with particles of gold, this product will stimulate collagen synthesis; soothing and moisturising.”

“Collagen… Known as the Contemporary Fountain of Youth.”


“Active Marine Collagen: The active protein is extracted in a unique non-heating process which protects the triple helix structure of the collagen.”


“On the go? This creamy solution will be your saviour. Prael’s Hand cream is the hydrating combination of shea butter and marine collagen to make sure, no matter where you are, you keep your hands nourished throughout the day.”


“As a woman, there is so many places on our face and body to take care of sometimes we forget; eyelashes being one of them. Looking after your eyelashes properly will keep them long, strong and thick. The active marine collagen & keratin in Prael’s Eyelash Conditioner will give resilience and vitality to your lashes… And an added bonus, you could even use it on your eyebrows!”


“The natural way to keep your lashes think and curvy; Prael’s Eyelash Conditioner, containing Marine Collagen, Keratin, Carapa Guianeses Nut Oil and Perilla Ocymoides Seed Oil will have you seeing results in just two weeks.”


“Caviar: contains large amounts of unsaturated fatty acids and amino acids. So what does that have to do with skincare? Well, caviar is able to increase the absorption of vitamin A, this stimulates the epidermis regeneration. Which is exactly why it is a key ingredient in Prael’s Revival Face Mask, for rejuvenated skin.”


“Firmness. Shape. Volume. Prael’s Acmella Lip Balm is formulated to not only moisturise but rebuild the structure of your lips, the healthy way. The world’s first example of pairing collagen with the tropical Acmella flower.”


“A special combination of Coral & Collagen gives our Invigorating Face Scrub new ways to replenish your skin. Our product improves blood circulation giving your skin a healthy glow with a peeling process that cleanses skin deeper than any regular cleaner. “


“A comprehensive anti-wrinkle correction. The unique properties of Prael’s Serum restore collagen in the skin, essential for human functioning. The pairing of Jasmine and Active Marine Collagen leave the skin more firm, intensely and permanently rebuilt.”

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