Crazy for fashion MiniMe

Minimal is fashion for mom and dad and … their daughter or their child!
Was born of the idea of some VIPs that they posted, and posting on social, photo style and clothing is equal to that of their puppies; The brand is the same!
Fashion was inspired by this and via, collections for children and for their children, equal, in tune, fabulous and fun. the fashion and Luxury have taken a hit so twisted!.
A fashion and a luxury… with an important success!

MiniMe is play, love, life …it’s fun! . It’s a play.
Finally the little ones can be like their parents, they can achieve their dream of copy and inspire … mom and dad!

It’s a fun and exciting, creative and funny.

A beautifull story!

#inloveforminime #HappyMiniMe ❤

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