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By logically observing nature – and sticking close to it – Ralph Moorman not only achieved the best results for himself, but also for the many clients he advised during the customised programme: The hormonefactor.” – Ralph Moorman Website (http://www.ralphmoorman.com)




Ralph Moorman – not only an expert in food technology – but a food advisor, instructor at Sonnevelt College, corporate advisor in health/nutrition, ambassador at EkoPlaza, public speaker AND personal trainer. Moorman has also spent some years working as a hormone factor coach, with the self-developed programme “Hormone Factor Programme.” He is a man of many talents when it comes to everything food and nutrition, and has used his knowledge over the years to help others.


Moorman begun his journey as member of student athletics association Tartlétos in Wageningen, and was also involved in natural body building. With his athletic background and passion for the science behind health and nutrition, it is no wonder that Ralph has been able to test and create programs to assist all different kinds of people and companies.


The programs consist of Ralph Moorman’s research, which is a combination of what is scientifically possible and practically viable. The Hormone Factor is about balancing one’s hormones in order to become healthier; making lifestyle changes for the long run. Ralph’s program includes the right food, stress management, and well balanced workouts. The end goal is not only balanced hormones but optimal health and energy for everyday living. The major benefits include steady weight, further mental clarity, reduced skin & joint problems, reduced autoimmune diseases, and of course, reduced hormone complaints.


Moorman also advises the other end – the food companies – on their responsibilities to deliver safe and healthy food, as well as develop them. With ‘healthier’ lifestyles trending in today’s society, food production and supermarkets must be aware and adhering to what consumers want and need. This is where Moorman comes in to analyse food products, discuss improvements, and advise about new concepts, formulas and technology.


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