It founded in 1925 by Adele Casagrande and Edoardo Fendi, the Italian brand Fendi. #photo n1. After the death of his father Edward, will be the five daughters (Paola, Anna, Franca, Carla, Alda) to take over the reins of the family. From a family workshop to an internationally renowned Maison. In the 60s the arrival of Karl Lagerfeld in company Roman, as creative director. In the 80s Karl idealizes the Fendi logo, the double “F”

A history of extra-ordinary Dolce Vita is told day after day between parties, fashion shows, exhibitions and events. All these moments are characterized by strong emotions and almost surreal, exciting, passionate and entertaining. The Roman Maison, a satellite of the French group LVMH, always more enhances the Kidswear department, which since 2010 produces and distributes under license collections designed by Fendi Kids.

Fendi Kids … the style is fabulous and collections are overwhelming stories !!! All born from the will of the Fendi group also strengthen the business in the child-infant segment. Excellence, quality materials and a creative charge, are the three ingredients of the creation and development of this segment of fashion.

The world of Fendi children there, and is something magical and amazing. It ‘a world for children, created especially for them, Fendi devotes attention to this small big world, devotes sacrifices and dedication, dedicating store absolute level around the world, from Rome to London, from Tokyo to Hong Kong, from Dubai to Qatar … and many more will be born.

They are the villages of children these stores, including rocking horses, magic books, flying letters, fine fabrics delicate but able to dress the thumbnails … so the atmosphere of the boutique mini is always a fantastic dive and suggestive, unique and inimitable .

The Fendi Kids collection is renowned for its delicious use of colors and prints typically playful. And ‘the brand’s attention to detail, passion for excellence and the use of quality fabrics that define the wardrobe Fendi Kids.

Once upon a time … So ..Fendi Kids, Fendi child-a.

Where can we find the world of Fendi Kids in the world? From Rome to Milan from Jeddah to Bahrain, from Hong Kong to Qingdao in China, through the Dubai Mall and returning to the French Galerie Lafayette, again from Osaka in Japan to return to London, from Kuwait to Qatar in Doha, finishing the world tour in the beautiful Marina Bay Singapore.

Fendi’s Kids, put the turbo and has conquered and still continues to win.

Fendi makes history, hands that work the Fendi brand offer beauty, strength and Fendi is fun, beauty breaks the rules, passion makes it unique of its kind, Fendi makes beauty … the timeless beauty! I’m Dr. Tania Guaida and are pleased to present the magical collections of Fendi Kids who for years dominated in the kids segment of the luxury world.
We stay up to date and let’s enjoy the Fendi Kids show!


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