They grow too quickly is the title of the new article, Yes, everything would be much nicer if zara could always dress up a little more small puppies.

Meet zara, kids and his collection for spring-summer 2017, sweet, funny, able to make smaller, miniature adults.

…so adorable!
When it is said that: the fashion has no age!
.. and we must admit it: There are brands that have collections for kids who are like works of art!

Zara kids is attention to detail, the colours and designs.

Zara is a brand of clothing and accessories based in Arteixo, Galicia, in Northern Spain, that was founded in 1975. In Italy Zara is an important brand… Zara in Dubai? The children of the stars of the UAE with the outfits of zara? That would be great! A Western brand to the conquest of the Middle East!

This is love for Fashion MiniMe!!! Delicious

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