The Never-Before-Seen Exhibition: CORIAN CABANA CLUB

Milan Design Week 2017 did not disappoint; showcasing the best of the best in interior design. This year also had some surprises up it’s sleeve: a never-before-seen exhibition “Corian Cabana Club.”

The exhibition was celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Corian, while teaming up with prestigious partner, Cabana. The creation was a series of scenes in the emotionally and sensorially rich style unique to Cabana while using Corian and harmonising it with its own vision, taste and objects. Corian Cabana Club could be described as a multicultural celebration of maximalism. Step into the world of the Corian Cabana Club…

Playing an avant-garde role since its foundation, Cabana is opening new paths in the world of interior design, proposing fascinating explorations of places strongly connected with emotions and personality, memory and uniqueness, heritage and a forward-looking mindset. These paths reflect very well some of the new directions that Corian is taking, going beyond its established position as a great surface solution, most often in white tones, for rational and minimalist design.  – John Richard, Global Business Director, DuPont Surfaces

‘When my colleagues at cabana offered me to create a moroccan room for the Corian® cabana club exhibition, I gladly grabbed the opportunity to show the morocco I love. this is not the clichéd exotic place but the country I elected years ago to be my second home. It is now a country going through a great evolution, where modernity and tradition go hand in hand, where ancestral values learn to deal cleverly with technology, and where a simple kitchen is still the favorite family room!’ – Stephan Janson

The result is a cluster of stand-alone cabanas that display the vibrancy and diversity of global patterns, colours, shapes, details and motifs. From a Mexican bedroom to a Russian living room, each set piece takes a different approach to design, decor and lifestyle, with intriguing results.

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