CHANEL RELEASES “The Gabrielle Bag”

Who doesn’t know the iconic Coco Chanel…
Just let me talk about the woman who changed the history of style and clothing, her story is inspiring and powerful, Gabrielle Bonheur is her real name, she wasn’t raised in a privileged family, her mother worked as a laundrywoman and her father worked as seller of undergarments as a street merchant.

Now you know what I’m talking about
“The Gabrielle Bag”

Kristen Stewart has been announced as the face of the new Chanel bag named Gabrielle, Chanel released the details of its coming Gabrielle line, the brand’s first major new bag model since 2011’s boy bag.

As it said in the video of “Gabrielle, The Quest for Freedom” & “rebel at heart”


Gabrielle’s bag is defining theses three words and covering the themes of freedom, passion as it pays tribute to the iconic Coco Chanel and her constant desire to put woman’s freedom first.

The Handbag comes in a classic Boho version and it also comes in a packbag and you can adjust the straps to wear it in some different styles.

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