Health and fitness is something everyone is concerned about.  Health is an important factor which needs more attention.  For keeping the body healthy and fit, exercise is must.  Motion cycling is one such brand which takes care of the health of people seriously, located in Oberoi Centre, Floor 18, Office 04- Dubai.  The brand is all about having ultimate experience of cycling which urges and gathers people towards the goal that is called “moving forward”.  The brand aspires the people by letting them to feel the energy they get while riding with a good music on.  Once they have gain the experience of riding, they become fond of the brand.

Motion cycle is also fun; people enjoy the different sessions while burning calories.  The brand not only helps to feel fresh but also provide unique experience to people.  People can do full body workout or can mix cardio and muscles exercises together focusing on buttock, abs and arms.  The motion cycling provides varieties of sessions for people in order to give people fun and healthy body workout experience.  One such session is called 45 min, in which a person can enjoy riding session on the beat of music under the supervision of certified soul cycle aspirational instructor.


Every instructor who works there has their own set of philosophy, beats and playlist for person to have a worth remembering experience.  Such session not only provide energy but also help to feel the soulful experience.  Motion cycling helps to raise the soul by letting people to close their eyes and forget about worldly things and just calmly focus on riding with all energy and strong vibes.  Therefore, in order to have 45 minutes unforgettable, live, healthy, enjoyable and worth remembering experience of riding, the motion cycling is one of the best option to go with. Motion cycling not just provide an amazing riding vibes but also make you fall in love with it!

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