NUUN JEWELS The soul of inspiration

NUUN Jewelry is a Saudi based designer, her name is Noura Alfaisal and the brand name got inspired from the Arabic Letter ن which is N in English, the first letter of the designer’s name.





Founded in 2014, Nuun is set to open its first store worldwide opposite the Bristol hotel on Rue Saint-Honoré in Paris in April. The brand has been before carried only at the Four Seasons Georges V hotel in the French capital.






The member of the Saudi royal family, Noura AlFaisal currently has all her pieces produced by a specialized workshop in Paris, but she is mulling setting up a studio in Riyadh.





“I’m a Saudi designer, so obviously, everything that I do is going to be touched by my worldview or my point of view. But I’m not very keen on my jewelry being labeled as either specifically Middle Eastern or even French. I really would like it to just be, you know, jewelry,” she said.


Nuun Jewels has partnered with Art of Heritage, a Riyadh-based heritage Centre with one of the largest textile collections in the Gulf region, to design and produce a series of hand-embroidered pouches for our Banajir collection.






Nuun is also very keen to support creativity in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region.

As of the last September of 2016, the boutique has exhibited art works by local and regional artiest giving them a unique opportunity to show their talent.







The Each of remarkable Nuun design bears witness to a love afire with jewelry, always the highest guilty of gems and stones.


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