Flora by Kris Knight for Gucci Cruise 2015

Gucci’s Cruise 2015 collection sees the Italian luxury label’s Creative Director Frida Giannini collaborating with artist Kris Knight on a unique interpretation of its iconic Gucci print.

The floral pattern takes on new meaning in Kris Knight’s subversive reading of the floral bouquet featuring nocturnal blossoms revolving around the moonflower. Each bloom is symbolic of a unique Roman story, as it reaches its height at night, dawn or dusk.

Kris Knight explains, “For my Flora reinterpretation, I wanted to create a painting that paid homage to Accornero’s delicate original by utilizing his symmetrical composition but to create a strong, feminine, magical and quietly dangerous Flora of my own.”

I referenced ancient pagan Rome, picking plants that women of this time used to command power.”

“I went beyond the flower box and picked botanicals that either blossomed at night, dawn or dusk but also chose plants that have strong roots for adaptability, persistence and resistance in harsh environments.”

My paintings often tip-toe between dichotomies, so I wanted to create a Flora design that had elements of beauty, strength and desire, but also infuses a subtext of darkness and enchantment.”

The provocative pattern features plants and flowers, specifically Belladonna and Datura, that women in ancient Rome used for seduction and desire.

Both produced fruits that were used toxically to command power over men but blossomed with gorgeous flowers nonetheless. Blooms with healing powers, such as the Poppy, Henbane, and Mandrake, appear and allude to a darker, hallucinogenic context from the ancient Romans, Greeks and Celts.

Meanwhile, plants symbolic for protection, namely Clover, Dandelion and Nightshade, reference their own mystical histories.

Frida Giannini has applied the new pattern to a variety of her designs for the Cruise 2015 season – from men’s and women’s ready-to-wear to accessories including silks, handbags, luggage, and leather goods. She also created chromatic contrasts that place the print against navy, black, and pastel bases.

The design comes to life on both textiles, in the case of ready-to-wear, as well as canvas and leather for accessories.

Find out more at http://on.gucci.com/FloraKnight5  

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