I’m Isola Marras by Antonio Marras

Antonio Marras was born in Italy on the island of Sardinia. Thanks to his parent’s businesses, Marras developed expert skills in fabrics and forms. Always involved in the artistic and technical expression, he was asked to design a pret-a-porter collection for a fashion house in Rome in 1987. Due to the combination of his intellectual input and practical experience helped him build a solid foundation for  which he designed his first collection. He was later on, in 1996 asked to present an Haute Couture show in Rome again. You could already see the key elements of his style which were focused on craft techniques. Sardinia as a source of inspiration that is never reduced to folklorish kitsch, the red thread of his collection, became a fully-fledged hallmark of his style.


In 1999, he started his pret-a-porter line in Milan. Always having a theme, red thread, his collections had every element of modernity mixed with richly decorative elements on vintage clothes. At the same time, Marras found time to keep on experimenting through his Laboratorio and Serie Limitata ranges. He made the clothes by hand in how own homestudioworkshop which all had that special authenticity as there were only a few existing pieces.


In 2003, LVMH asks the designer to be the new artistic director of the Kenzo fashion house, where he will stay until 2011. However, he kept his own line and launched a new one called “I’m Isola Marras” in 2007. 10 years later the brand is still going strong. In the newest collection, the outfits are a mixture of feminine and sporty. The motifs are flowery which looks really good in the tropical forest background they shot it in. We are excited to see what he has to offer us next season.

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