Ulyana Sergeenko – Paris Fashion Week

Ulyana Sergeenko, who used to be a client of Valentino, Givenchy, Jean Paul Gaultier, Chanel and Dior, has since 2012, when her fashion label was launched, joined the circle of couturiers that inspire the fashion world season after season. Ulyana love of clothes has been a constant part of her life, even in the fashion-starved former Soviet Union. That’s why this collection was inspired by her spirited heroine – an idiosyncratic character with an ever-lasting weakness for the purest expressions of beauty and craft – into a domestic environment. A Soviet Communal Apartment, to be precise: one of those eclectic households that kept appearing all over Russia after the 1917 Revolution. 

Her woman lives in such an eclectic space, finding a new modesty in shapes, colors and decorations. The collection is full of inspirations coming from such communal apartments, from The Salute lamp sculptured dresses, Christmas decors and confetti on light dresses, fur pompons on coats and dresses, in large geranium flowers, just to name a few. A Boudoir feast of lace, silk, high bodices, wrap dresses, loose-fitting lines and soft corsets. 

Mixing nostalgia with a flair for beauty, Sergeenko finds a new tone in her expression: soft and intimate, light yet intensely personal. 

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